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Via Link2Brazil, translation to English by Nancy Vosveld


While the World Cup football feast went in progress, the criticisms about the opening ceremony kept resonating a bit. These criticisms were published in the Brazilian press, but also abroad. Most of them were complaining about the amount of dance routines and were joking about the lip-synced performances of Jennifer Lopes, Claudia Leitte and rapper Pitbull.

Welcome to Brazil…

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World Cup supporter survival-kit

Welcome to Brazil…

Brazil travel tips, don’t forget these...
For those who still have the time, patience and a bag of money to travel to Brazil, here are some tips and essentials to pack your suitcase with.

By Ernst Daniel Nijboer, translation to English by Nora den Oude

Paulo Coelho: “I'm not going to the World Cup”

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Via Link2Brazil, translation to English by Andy Nicastro

Paulo Coelho: “I'm not going to the World Cup”

The most famous Brazilian novel-writer says that he will not travel to his homeland to see the World Cup games, because he is disappointed with the Brazilian government, with the FIFA, and with other well-known Brazilians.
Paulo Coelho (66) said this in an interview with journalist Luis Antônio Giron, who writes for the culture section of the culture magazine Época (O Globo).

Movimento Novo 2013 - 4th edited video posted

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The next level

Movimento Novo 2013 - 4th edited video posted, the videochannel of Capoeirista and filmmaker Itapuã Beiramar, surprised us once more with the 4th edited video of the last held Movimento Novo gathering.
This video with English subtitles explains about the backgrounds and special aspects of this first held Movimento Novo outside of Rio de Janeiro in the remote state of Roraima.

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